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By the Side — This is the most economical way to purchase Finck Beef and allows you to customize your order (thickness and type of steak, etc). A side of beef is just that—half of a calf. It works like this:

  1. Your calf is delivered to our state-inspected butcher in Schulenburg, Texas.
  2. The sides of beef are weighed (hanging weight) and aged for 18 days.
  3. Hanging weight, per side, is usually between 300 and 350 lbs. We charge $4.50 per pound of hanging weight. The bones and trimmings are discarded when your side is butchered and you will take home approximately 200-225 lbs, depending on your cut sheet. The take home price is usually $5.50 - $6.00 per pound.
  4. While your side is aging, we will provide you with a “cut sheet”. Using this document, you custom order the butchering of your side. You choose the cuts you want (t-bones or strips and filets, for example), the thickness of the steaks, etc. We will be available to answer questions and offer suggestions.
  5. The processor will custom butcher your calf per your cut sheet, vacuum pack and freeze it. We will deliver it to your home in the Houston area.
  6. A side of beef will generally yield (depending on your choices of steak thickness, etc.): 12 T-Bone steaks, 8 Ribeye steaks, 4 sirloin steaks, up to 10 round steaks, 4 roasts, up to 8 chuck roasts, 4 packages of fajita meat, up to 8 packages of short ribs, 70-90 lbs. of ground beef (depending on how much of the other cuts you request), stew meat and soup bones.
Payment: We accept checks at delivery made out to Finck Cattle Company. Contact Cathy for information about payment options.

Storage: A side of beef will take up about 12 cubic feet of freezer space in a chest freezer.

By the pound — Buying by the pound is more expensive for obvious reasons. We realize that not everyone wants a side of beef but may want to order specific cuts at specific times. Here is our current price list. If you order $150 or more, we will deliver it to your home in the Houston area at a mutually convenient time. Call us if you want a cut not listed below and to place your order.

Ribeye Steak (1 in. thick)   $12.00/lb
T-Bone Steak (1 in. thick)   $12.00/lb
Sirloin Steak (1 in. thick)   $9.00/lb
Round Steak ( in. thick and tenderized)   $5.00/lb
Fajita   $5.50/lb
Ground Beef   $4.75/lb
Chuck Roast   $4.50/lb
Pike’s Peak Roast   $4.50/lb
Beef Short Ribs   $3.50/lb
Stew Meat   $4.00/lb
Variety Meat (Liver, Heart, Tongue, Sweetbreads)   $1.50/lb