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From Kim: “Joe cooked up a steak tonight for dinner. Jack saw it on the counter and asked, "Is this Finck steak?" -- Joe said yes. Jack does a fist pump and says "YES!!!!" -- Then turns to Joseph, and says, "Joseph, you can't say you don't like dinner tonight, its Finck steak!!!" I am telling you, they LOVE this stuff.”

From Terry: “I have been meaning to send you and email telling you how much we have enjoyed the “fresh beef”… To be quite honest, we are just starting into it with making burgers a couple of times… however, based on that… wow. I had purchased some beef from the store as we were having kids over… did not want to use up all my “good” meat… and was very surprised by the quality and color, difference before it even went on the grill… Then to taste the difference… wow… So, I’m very excited about that.”

From Jenny: “We also have purchased a side of beef from Cathy. If anyone of you know my husband (the tailgater, chef, bbq man), you would appreciate that he has thoroughly enjoyed everything he has cooked so far! I also have loved the meat and so have our three boys! We would definitely recommend it to our friends and family!”

From Carey: “Darren and I took delivery of a side a couple of weeks ago. We've tried one of everything, and can say without reservation that we could not be more pleased. We highly recommend Finck Beef, and will be buying more when we clear some freezer space.”

From Tim: “Thanks Cathy ...We will order more, as soon as we finish what we have. Everything we have prepared has been fantastic.”