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Finck Beef

Natural — We don’t use antibiotics, added hormones or chemicals. It is minimally processed with no artificial ingredients. Organic Beef

Local — The Cross F Ranch is located in Gonzales County, about 20 minutes from Shiner, Texas. We live and work in Houston, Texas and travel back and forth to the ranch regularly.

Free Range — Our cattle are never held in crowded feeding pens. They are fed a completely vegetarian diet, never any animal by-products. They are pasture raised, even during the feed out period (90-120 days before slaughter) when they are hand fed a special blend of grains (primarily ground corn and cottonseed) and allowed to roam and graze freely.

Marbling — We raise Angus and Brahman cross-bred cattle.  Our calves are primarily Angus.  Angus cattle have a very high rate of marbling that produces the most tender and flavorful beef.  The Brahman mix provides heat tolerant traits needed in South Texas and results in hardy and healthy cattle.

Aged — Our beef is dry aged for approximately 18 days before it is cut up. The natural enzymes contained in the beef tenderize and enhance the flavor.

Flavor — We produce beef that is healthy and fresh. The type of cattle we raise, the blend of grains we feed and the aging process all result in the best beef available.

We love our land and our cattle and are grateful for both. We are proud of our beef and stand behind our product. Contact us today for a sample or to place an order.